Moon and bodily spellcasting

“Full Moon hug” by Isabel A Hermosillo on Unsplash

The night of full Moon
reunited several nocturnals.

Feeble candle’s light created the silence;
and a city beyond our sight
did nothing to hide the Moon
— whose rays shone up and above
from the observants of the night.

Chants emerging within smiles:

“Fire, sacred fire
burning through the night
come to me in my sleep time
bring me visions of light”

And the fire within us was but a silent dancer
as incense floated around our eyes.

Bodily spellcasting;
sometimes, you are hugged
through the feelingly warm contact
of other bodies.



Isabel A Hermosillo

Pienso más en escribir que lo que escribo. Espanglisheo un chingo. Cada día más nerd.