“You are too into your head”

Isabel A Hermosillo
1 min readDec 27, 2020
“Relationship” Inktober | Day 09 by annamachtart

“You are too into your head”,
she said and a thunderlight struck my body.

First of all, word lightning feels like an unbearable fire
gorging and boiling within every cell;

Then comes the shock, the shivers and a
penetrating cold rises as the lone remnant of the previous fire
giving way to a moment’s realization:

You are
too much
your head.

Each line by itself is not threatening at all,
and perhaps each showing the way I conceived myself.

But put together, in the form of words within a whole stanza, it was as enlightening as flames:

I reckon that before I had felt blocked,
wordless among empty dunes of white,
without a fire to light the imagery in the middle of a thick dark night.

But it was precisely that,
an excess within one’s own head
that I somehow forgot how to see
whatever also lies around.

How’d I forgotten to see outside,
perhaps a bit too caught up among weeds
in the ways of thick jungles of fumes.

It was only a set-up forged by a clouded head
and the key was seeing a bit above
and realize
the key to getting out of one’s head
is mind itself.



Isabel A Hermosillo

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